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Besides browlift do other procedures address forehead concerns?

Besides browlift do other procedures address forehead concerns?

Question: I really dislike the appearance of my forehead. I could grow my bangs out but I’ve never looked good with bangs. I’d love to get a browlift but I feel like you don’t hear much about this procedure. Are there other procedures, like a facelift or Botox, that address the same problems but are better or more popular?

Answer: Botox can certainly be used for treatment of forehead lines, but a facelift or rhytidectomy really does not address the forehead.  Browlifts are a relatively common procedure for me to personally perform, and you may not hear much about them simply because most surgeons have been taught in the more traditional fashion of a coronal browlift where a very large incision is made across the top of the head in the hairline and once we describe this to patients they oftentimes decide they really do not want a browlift.  My personal preference and the technique that I use in virtually all my patient is some form of an endoscopic browlift where very small incisions are made between the hairs up in the scalp and, therefore, no large incisions are necessary.  I would have to evaluate your forehead and discuss the reasons behind why you do not like it before I would be able to give you a definitive treatment option, but endoscopic browlifts are very good at improving the overall appearance of the brows and forehead and they also allow me to remove the muscle between the brows that causes the deep creases in that area; furthermore, in select cases where a patient has an overly tall or large forehead, I can actually drop the hairline at the same time as the browlift by making a beveled, irregular incision along the hairline.  This heals extremely well and is very inconspicuous and overall patients are very happy with this technique.

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