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Anything I need to do after Botox injections?

Anything I need to do after Botox injections?

Question:  I would like to get Botox treatments.  I am very glad that this is approved by the FDA.  What type of pain will I experience during the injections?  Is there anything I need to do after the injections to ensure that the Botox works the way it should? 

Answer:  Botox is an FDA-approved neuromodulator for the treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows.  We do, however, tend to use it off label in the forehead and crow’s feet as well as some other areas of the face.  Botox injections for the most part are very easy to tolerate when performed appropriately.  I personally use a 32-gauge needle when performing my Botox injections which makes the treatment nearly completely painless.  In fact, some patients hardly feel the actual injection itself. 

There is really not much that needs to be done after the injection other than I recommend that patients do not overly aggressively massage the area, and I recommend that they do not do any extremely strenuous activities, especially anything where they are straining or lifting heavy weights or activities such as yoga where they may be upside down, just to ensure that the Botox stays in the muscle where it was injected.  Otherwise, the effect of the Botox should be noticeable within a few days and maximized within approximately a week.  Classically, Botox lasts approximately three months in most patients but, in some, will last quite a bit longer as they essentially retrain themselves not to overly aggressively use the muscles that were treated.

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