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How do you avoid the "windswept" look after a facelift?

How do you avoid the "windswept" look after a facelift?

I am a 60-year-old woman who wants to get a facelift, but is scared of stories I’ve heard.  My friend who had the procedure has a ‘windswept’ and very unnatural look post-surgery.  How do you avoid this occurrence?

Essentially there are two main reasons that patients can get a windswept look after a facelift.  One is simply that the surgeon lifted in the wrong direction and tended to pull too much towards the back of the head as opposed to upward, which is the opposite of the aging process, and the second would be to put too much tension on the skin as opposed to the deeper layer of the face called the SMAS.  These two problems are quite easily avoided and really there is no reason at all that anyone should have a windswept look after a facelift.

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